December 16, 2014 Jason Hofing

To Our Wonderful Customers    

It is with great enthusiasm that Red Hill Coffee Trade would like to announce that they are changing their name to RELAY Coffee Roasters!

We have watched our business grow over the past six years and needed a name that represented what we have become.   Red Hill Coffee Trade started as a roasterie on the East Mountain by the Red Hill Valley and has grown to include their stall at the Hamilton Farmers Market and our Coffee Bar of Concession St.   The new name will encompass all of their locations now and whatever the future may bring.

So, why RELAY Coffee Roasters?

1)  It speaks to Hamilton’s history as a city of innovation, once being known as “The Electric City”.  In 1896, Sir John Morison Gibson formed The Dominion Power and Transmission Company that brought hydroelectric power, for the first time, to Hamilton, from their plant, at DeCew Falls. According to Sir John Morison Gibson, this accounted for almost a 75% increase in the population of Hamilton between 1901 and 1912.  New industries also were attracted to Hamilton, including Steel Co. of Canada (Stelco) and Canadian Westinghouse, because of cheaper, more efficient power.  The title of a 1906 promotional booklet on the city proudly proclaimed Hamilton as "The Electric City."

2)  A relay is an electrical device, but also has strong connotations of communication; the receiving and passing on of information.  Communication is a key part of what this Red Hill Coffee Trade has worked to foster.  Communication happens over a cup of coffee between friends.  Communication happens between local suppliers and other local businesses that Red Hill Coffee Trade has been privileged to work with.

3)  We are a business that wants to pay homage to the many hands that work together to bring a good cup of coffee into our customers’ hands.  From the farmers who are paid fair wages in our global community to the importers that bring the green beans to Hamilton; to roasting in small batches on Lancing Drive, to the well-loved baristas that excel at brewing hot cups of coffee and espresso based beverages.  And the relay continues as the cup of coffee is handed off to our supportive customers who have who have diligently spread the news about this business by word-of-mouth.

Finally, Red Hill Coffee Trade would like to thank Hamilton and the surrounding cities for their devoted support and encouragement over the past six years.  We look forward to continuing to bring you excellent just-roasted coffee beans and a great cup of coffee, now as RELAY Coffee Roasters!


Jason and Rachel Hofing
RELAY Coffee Roasters

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