Experimental RELAY Coffee Blends that are Positively Electric

Stop by Concession St., the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, or the Roasterie to try our brand new RELAY Coffee Experimental Blend Series

Switchboard and Measured Coffee Blends from RELAY Coffee RoastersFor the past couple years, we’ve tried countless combinations of coffees, but nothing has felt quite good enough to serve to you. Until now...

Introducing two new blends in what we’re calling our Experimental Blend Series. These coffee blends are a product of our dissatisfaction with the status-quo and raw creativity from the RELAY team. Because our team is curious and clever, we found two awesome blends that we are proud to serve as RELAY Coffees.


RELAY Switchboard

Switchboard coffee blend from RELAY Coffee RoastersOur Mexican coffee is a light roast and the Nicaraguan is a dark roast. One of our managers, Mike, tinkered with blending these two opposites for a couple of years. He landed a flavour profile he enjoyed. It turns out, Mike has good taste.

The light and dark play off each other, switching back and forth. It gives you a subtle creamy chocolate weight, like you get from a ganache. But then a bit of bitterness raises a note or two, like a cup of black tea. Switchboard is a coffee for getting comfortable with friends that you don’t mind bantering with.

RELAY Measured

Measured coffee blend from RELAY Coffee RoastersNot everyone wants to be wired on caffeine. Sara, RELAY’s office administrator, gets that. She started mixing Decaf with our Guatemalan dark roast. It caught on at the Roasterie. After drinking and tasting coffees all day, we needed a measured caffeine intake.

As a half-caff coffee blend, Measured is for the level headed adult in the room. Rich sugars that almost taste aged and darkened make each sip pleasant. Tart peachy notes etch unique character into the blend, making Measured a coffee you will savour late in the afternoon when work is almost done.

Which RELAY blend will you try first?

You can buy the blends in half pound or full pound bags. We’ll also serve them at our coffee bars. Whichever you choose first, we want to hear your thoughts. What do you taste in each blend? Which do you prefer? Take a picture and share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or email it to us with your comments and questions.

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