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Latte, flat white, cappuccino, coffee, cafe au lait, London Fog… What’s the difference?

Do you get overwhelmed by the drink selection when you walk into a coffee shop? I'm sure RELAY is no exception. We offer a diverse range of coffee and tea drinks that can leave some folks a little confused. This is our attempt to provide clarity.

First here’s a sweet graphic that a friend of ours designed to show you what goes into our drinks:

RELAY Coffee Roasters' lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, americanos, etc., explained.Click the image for a better view.

Espresso Drink Recipes

Traditionally, espresso drinks didn’t have size options (small, medium, large). If you wanted espresso with more milk than a cappuccino, then you ordered a latte. Espresso beverages are basically variations on the ratio of espresso to milk. There are also differences in the amount of foam, but the main difference is the amount of espresso in relation to the amount of milk.

It can get really confusing when one coffee shop makes drinks slightly different than the other.

So here’s how we do it at our RELAY Coffee shops:

Single Shot Espresso - 1 oz espresso
Double Shot Espresso - 2 oz espresso

Americano - 2 oz espresso + hot water

Macchiato - 2 oz espresso + 2 oz steamed milk or cream
4oz Cortado - 1 oz espresso + 3 oz steamed milk
6 oz Cortado - 2 oz espresso + 4 oz steamed milk

Flat White - 2 oz espresso + 6 oz steamed milk

8 oz Cappuccino - 2 oz espresso + 6 oz steamed milk (with more foam than a flat white)
12 oz Cappuccino - 2 oz espresso + 10 oz steamed milk (with more foam than a latte)

12 oz Latte - 2 oz espresso + 10 oz steamed milk
16 oz latte - 2 or 3 oz espresso (your choice) + 13 or 14 oz of steamed milk

Cafe au Lait - half coffee (brewed strong) + half steamed milk

Tea Latte - 2 oz tea (brewed strong) + steamed milk
London Fog - 2 oz Earl Grey tea (brewed strong) + vanilla syrup + steamed milk

Coffee Origins

We choose to purchase our coffee from an importer who brings green beans to Canada from many different countries. Buying from an importer saves us the work of importing our own shipping container of green coffee. It also guarantees that a third party has inspected the farms and approves are their working conditions. Here’s a list of what we typically have available on our shelves along with some tasting notes:

Peru - Light Roast - Gentle sweetness, floral and citrus.
Mexico - Light Roast - Brown sugar, cocoa, roasted nuts.
Colombia - Medium Roast - Bright, balance, dried fruit.
Ethiopia - Medium Roast - Vibrant, berry, sweet fruit.
Nicaragua - Dark Roast - Tangy, dark, bittersweet.
Guatemala - Dark Roast - Dark cocoa, cloves and cinnamon.
Sumatra - Dark Roast - Deep, herbal, cedar and chocolate.
Swiss Water Process Decaf Peru - Medium Roast - Lively, sweet, vanilla and pecan.
Espresso - Blend - Robust, velvety, dark chocolate.

A Note About Espresso Beans

A double shot of RELAY Coffee's Espresso Blend.Espresso refers to specific brewing method. Often people assume that espresso refers to a type of bean. However, there aren’t “espresso beans”,  there are just beans that are carefully roasted to taste best when brewed as espresso. You can use any coffee for espresso, though some roast profiles lend themselves to better flavours and a better taste when brewed in an espresso machine.

We experimented with different origins and created a special blend we think works wonderfully when brewed as espresso. It's a mix of our favourite dark roast combined with a small percentage of our light roasts. It also makes an amazing pour-over coffee!

Have you tried our espresso before? Is there a drink on our menu that you’ve been meaning to try but weren’t sure about it? The next time you drop by, order something new and tell us about your experience. Comment below or share your honest thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We love seeing other people’s reactions to the drinks we make.

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